How to Convert Word to PDF on Android

Word format is one of the most basic popular formats in the world of documents. We can do many things with word life creating simple notes to advanced level documents with custom templates. But in some cases, we cannot directly send the word file to some places like school or office. We have to convert the word file into PDF fast, and then we can send it. Now, if you have created or currently have a Word file in your device, but you don't know how to convert it into PDF. Don't worry, I have not only one but six easy solutions for you. You can make your work done without a computer or laptop. Each solution is totally free of cost. I'll guide you through my article and try my best to clear your doubts. OK then, let's get started.

What is Word

In 1983, it was published by Microsoft as a word-processor developed by Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie. This software is used for creating advanced-level documents, letters, paragraphs, notes, and reports as well. In the past, the software produced the files with .doc extension, but from 2007, it generates a more optimized version of the file, which comes with .docx extension. These types of documents are formally known as Word documents. Learn more on Wikipedia.

What is PDF

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format. The file extension of the format is '.pdf'. Co-founder of Adobe, Dr. John Warnock, introduced a new idea of converting a paper into digital, The Camelot Project. The motto was to help everyone to capture documents from any application, send electronic versions of these documents anywhere. They wanted to make it easy to view and print the document on any printing device. In 1992, Camelot was developed into PDF. Learn more from Wikipedia.

Difference between Word and PDF

PDF file comes with'.pdf' extension and Word file normally comes with the extension of '.docx'. The main difference is; you can not directly edit a document formatted as PDF, but you can edit your document if that is in Word format. Besides, we can apply a template to our Word document. PDF displays the document as is actually look in the printed copy.

Convert Word to PDF on Android (5 Simple Ways)

Method: 1

First, go to Google Play Store and download "Microsoft Office".


After finishing the first setups, click on the Actions tab and go to the 'Document to PDF' option, as you can see in the below screenshot.


Now open your document wherever you have kept in your 'Device' or 'OneDrive's Cloud Storage'. Then select your Word file that you want to convert into a PDF.


After selecting the file, our job is almost done. You can see that our document is converted into a PDF file. Rename it and click on the 'Save' button. Now you have successfully converted your word file into a PDF file.


Now the document is in '.pdf' format.

Method: 2

In this second method, we will use 'Google Docs', which is a word file viewer and editor, just like Microsoft Word for converting a word file into a PDF file. 'Google Docs' is a very lightweight and user-friendly application. Just install it from Play Store and get started.


After installing 'Google Docs', open your word file with it and click on the "three-dot button".


You will see a menu popup on the screen. Click on the 'Share and export' option.


Now click on 'Save as'.


From here, you can save your document as many types of format. Choose the format "PDF document (.pdf)" and click 'OK'. 


Your document is converted as a PDF file but saved on "Google cloud storage", not on your device. You will find a download icon on the top. Tap on that and save your PDF file in your device. Here is the screenshot for you.


Method: 3

In this method, we will use a free and open-source application name 'Document to PDF Converter'. Probably it is the easiest way to convert a word file into a PDF. Just grab the app from Google Play Store and see how to use this.

Using this app is very simple. After opening this app, you will see a very simple interface on your screen. Click on the "Continue" button and proceed.


After clicking the continue button, all the Word files will appear in front of you. You can use the 'Filters' option for filtering the format of your documents if you want. Now select your document file and click on the "Convert" button below.


Your word file will be converted into a PDF file within a few seconds. After the converting process is done, you will see and interface just like that. From here, you can open your PDF file by clicking on the "Open" button or PDF that can be sent directly by clicking "Send".


Method: 4

Here is one more solution for you. Get "Microsoft Word" from Google Play Store.


Now open the app, and at the below right corner, you will find an option open. Open your word document from there, you have kept that.


In this case, I have kept my ".docx" file in my device storage. Let's open it and see what to do next.


After opening the document, you will find a "three-dot" more option at the upper right corner, as you can see in the screenshot.


Now carefully see the screenshot. After clicking on that more button, you will see a popup. As you can see in the first option "Share as PDF", by this option, you can directly share your word file as PDF through WhatsApp or any other file sharing apps.

But if you don't want to share your file, you want to save it in your device then click on the "Print" option.


After you have clicked on the "Print" option, it will take a moment to load for preparing the PDF format. Now the preview of your PDF is ready. To save the PDF file, click on the button, as I have shown below.


Method: 5

Here is the other best and easy way. Most of the Android phones come with "Google Drive" pre-installed. If you don't have, then download it from Google Play Store.


Now open your word file using Google Drive (If you have already uploaded your Word file into Google Drive. Otherwise, you have to upload it to Google Drive. The uploading process is very simple, open your Google Drive and click on the "Colorful Plus Icon" at the below right corner and upload your file.) And click on the "More" option at the upper right corner.


Click on the "Print" option in the popup window.


You can see our document is formatted as PDF. To save it in your device, click the "Yellow PDF button" and you are all done.


Conclusion:- These are all the solutions I found easy-to-use. If you ask me about my personal suggestion, then I will recommend you to go with Microsoft Office, which I have mentioned in the first solution. Firstly it comes from the house of Microsoft. Besides, it is pretty simple to use. After using this application, you will say, "OMG! it has tons of useful features." This single app will handle all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF as well itself.

Document to PDF App is another right choice because it is the easiest way among all the solutions I gave here. This is a tiny app, and it is effortless to use. So you may go with this option, but you must remember your converted media files will be saved to this path. Microsoft Word and Google doc both are good choices ,and you may go with Google Drive also. The process of Google Drive is slightly tricky.

 Remember, all apps require an internet connection during conversion. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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